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Hybrid work, combining graceful Japanese traditional technology, delicate well-crafted handworks and innovation.

Excellent design, which is stylish yet brings out the full beauty of the materials.

Graceful traditional Japanese pattern, inspired from the beauty of nature.

Beautiful four seasons represented on the leather.

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Nippon Style

Tradition and technology developed based on long history and quality.

Japanese artisans are excellent artists and creators. They deserve respect by their quest of knowledge, development skills, and high technology, which were cultivated over many years. We offer those Japanese craftmanship to the world.

Beautiful products with high perfection were born from artisans’hands, and continue.

Feeling the tension in the air, artisans are precisely working on the arts with dignity like precision machines. Without hesitation, the artisans’ hands continue to go on with the tension that takes the viewers breathe away unintentionally. At next moment, they breathe a new lease of life into a plain leather.

The beauty of Japonism - the beauty of the plane and the beauty of asymmetry. It’s a beauty of folding, creasing and wrapping.

The beauty of the plane represented by kimono, becomeing a three-dimensional beauty by wearing it. Kimono is a masterpiece with the rationality that it can be matched to people of any size without cutting off unnecessary parts with a piece of cloth. Our goal is to create the products inspired by kimonos.

Nippon Style project

Collaboration with craftsmanship from each of 3 - locations Tokyo, Nagoya and Niigata.

New idea of leather inspired by multiplying the beauty of the four seasons with technology. The product created with the leather is what gives the beauty of the plane a color in everyday life.

Shinano Industry

Tokamachi, Niigata
Precisely designed silkscreen with layers - this is the skill that only an experienced artisan can do.

Sumida Cuir Co., Ltd.

Sumida, Tokyo
High technology and original development capabilities cultivated over more than half a century, always pioneering the leather industry.

Sumida Cuir Co., Ltd. Website

Yamakatsu Senko Co., Ltd.

Nagoya, Aichi
Proactively challenge modern design yet protecting the strict dyeing method that has been passed down since ancient times

Yamakatsu Senko Co., Ltd. Website

Misa Ito

a paper-cut and shadow art artist
New challenge, as a paper-cut art artists who have cut out paper as an expression of art work, to create traditional “patterns”since ancient times.

Misa Ito Homepage

Successful case to commercialize the product- 01

Inspired by gently winding vortices and irregular water movements seen in the riverside.

Attractive unique patterns created at the moment and changes as time goes by similar to the ink flow, which has been said to have originated from what people in the palace enjoyed the change in the pattern created by the flow of the river by dropping the ink on the surface of the river.

Efforts of young artists who make various efforts while making use of the experience of traditional crafts.

Ink style was created in collaboration with Yamakatsu Senko Co., Ltd., a Japanese black crafted dye that has been designated as a traditional Japanese craft and has been handed down for many years. Pieces of of leather, which have difference in each, are carefully dyed layer by layer.

The best masterpiece made by mixing colors with each and every moment.

Drop the dye on the surface of the water and trace the surface. A variety of patterns emerge in a way of moving the hand at the moment. The most attractive point of this is the pattern that is created unexpectedly, such as regularly and horizontally, drawing a vortex.

Folding, creasing and wrapping - taking advantage of the pattern to minimize waste as much as possible.

This is designed to be as flat as possible by taking inspiration from the kimono, and the creators keep in mind the design that makes the best use of the finished pattern as simple as possible without using extra parts.

Successful case to commercialize the product- 02

Sky with various features depending on the season. And the clouds that move alongside with the flow of the wind.

Slowly looking at the sky, the clouds move while changing their shapes into various ways. This was inspired by such clouds, sometimes fast and sometimes slow as if the time stopped.

A picture created by a technique that moves quickly without any hesitation.

A printed pattern was created in collaboration with Shinano Industry, which has a reputation for silk screen technology. Patterned with brush marks inspired by clouds. It’s a gem finished with discreet silver pearls.

Fine-grained premium calf leather with modest pearl brush marks.

Products made of high-quality calf leather fits perfectly as if it is a part of your body when you hold them. It is elegantly finished with the brush marks printed with gentle touch and well-balanced patters.

Tote bags and wrist bags, which are representative of bags, for carrying items with you.

Seamless tote bag designed to look like a single picture eliminating waste as much as possible, and a wrist bag designed to be used for a long time walking with only a necessary item in your bag.

Company Overview

Corporate Name
Nippon Style Co., Ltd.
Date of Establishment
01 February 2018
Managing Director
Managing Director / Naomi Taohara
1 million Japanese Yen
3rd floor TFK Daini Kaikan, 2-9-5 Ryogoku,Sumida, Tokyo 130-0026,JAPAN
Business description
Consultant, product planning/development/sales
Email Address

Message from Managing Director

Nippon Style designs traditional Japanese crafts and technology of artisans to value-added unique brands.

“Made in JAPAN” is a word expressing and implying the value of high-quality products by reliable technology, and is also keywords of the era of safety and security. High technology must be inherited. Technology is the greatest property and art of the country.
We are committed to be a supporter for the artisans who are the best artists.

Profile of Managing Director

Managing Director, Fashion Director
Naomi Taohara

Naomi started her career as a stylist and a writer, and expanded her business to fashion items, leather items, and contracted with several companies for planning and development for household goods. She is also working on trend analysis and direction with a major department store as coordinator contract.
She is an outdoor person; when she is in her twenties and thirties, she devoted herself to marine sports. And now she loves to climb the mountains through years, which she has started for about 10 years, and find a source of ideas for design while refreshing.
Book: "Introduction to MD of Fashion Goods" (Senken Shimbun)

Items created and commercialized in the Nippon style can be purchased on the online shop.

Photos: Tetsuya Hineno